Data Cleansing

Database Acquisition, Cleansing & Validation.

Low quality data means wasted time and money which subsequently leads to slower results.

Managing and updating your data accurately substantially increases the opportunity of winning new business. Continuous database cleansing & validation is essential to drive lead generation. Accurate list assembly is essential to any telemarketing campaign.

Can you be confident your data is as accurate as it could be?

The Waze group offers quality one-off or continuous database cleansing & validation services to all of your data issues.

Data Acquisition — It’s as simple as this; One can create the best direct or email marketing campaign but if the message does not land by your intended audience it’s fair to say that it can be a waste of time and resources. Every year millions of pounds of marketing material is wasted simply because it is sent to the wrong person, in the wrong role or to the wrong businesses.

The Waze Group have the know-how, a proven track record and the expertise to ensure that your campaigns are effective.

We work with your team profile your database regardless of whether you are looking to utilise it for telemarketing, email marketing or direct mail based campaigns.

Intel Validation — the only truly effective method to qualify business data is to call each record. We will use telemarketing research to add or validate contact names, phone numbers, Job Titles and email addresses etc to your current marketing lists.

Intel Cleansing — we will use multiple processes to cleanse your data to ensuring that it’s consistent, uniformed, and unique with no record duplication.

Intel Compilation/ Profiling — To create a bespoke list of key targets via multiple combinations of list gathering, online research and phone validation.


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