Lead Generation

Lead Generation Services.

Specialist and Proven Lead Generation Services to Help you Grow Your Business.

We have been helping our clients to increase sales through B2B marketing and lead generation since 2007. We offer senior level appointment setting, telemarketing, customer satisfaction research and database cleansing. As a full service on and offline marketing service we also provide telemarketing training, marketing consultancy and business strategy workshops.

Our clients tend to require new business lead generation as they typically lack:

– The intel, experience and clarity to determine which route to market is best for them
– Traction, momentum and pipeline structure in new business development and lead generation efforts
– The ability and experience to execute targeted calls into large multi-nationals reaching level senior decision makers
– The resources to add an outbound calling team to collaborate with their current marketing efforts
– Experienced and Proficient operatives to make the volume and quality of telemarketing calls required
– The management time and resource to run and manage in-house callers on payroll
– The process and systems to manage calling campaigns and / or the knowhow to maximise their efficiency
– The budget to employ an in-house full time new business person or callers
– The technology to manage and track progress of a sales pipeline
– Script Creation and Delivery
– Objection handling
– Structured Sales Process

If you are experiencing one of more of the above the Waze Group can help. We offer a very personal service which means you simply won’t get a sales pitches or any pre-determined solutions from us. We will take time to understand your business and its operations and recommend a solution for you.


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