Sales Training.

Waze Business Development Workshop.

At the Waze Group, we have devised an essential in-house telemarketing for course is designed for both those that are new to telemarketing and for managers that occasionally require the use of the telephone to generate new business.

This Course is Essential for:

 Business Owners
 Sales Directors, Heads and Managers
 Experienced staff that increasingly need to use the phone to make cold calls
 New employees that don’t have telemarketing experience
 Employees that are new to sales

Course Contents Include:

 What is Telemarketing?
 Types of Outbound Call
 Avoiding procrastination
 The Telemarketing Process
 Confidence and Motivation
 Identifying and utilising a good quality list
 How to deal with Gatekeepers
 Rapport with Decision Makers
 Objection Handling
 Closing


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