Telemarketing Training.

Business Development Strategy Workshop & Consultancy.

It’s sometimes difficult to take a step back from your business and identify what you’re doing well with or what may need improving.

The ability to plan having a focused lead generation strategy is essential to new client acquisition and business development.

The Group’s Board of Directors own, run and have sold multiple successful businesses which means they know exactly what you need to do to sell more products and to generate more leads. They are heavily involved with strategy, implementation and delivery; regardless of the type, scope and budget of a project.

Our new strategy workshop can be designed to reinforce any outbound sales or marketing campaign. It’s the foundation when executing a successful lead generation project or ongoing sales and marketing activities.

The strategy workshop includes:

 An Assessment/ Review of old and new campaigns.
 A thorough audit and evaluation of current marketing and lead generation activities.
 A new business brainstorming session.
 Identifying rankings of revenue streams.
 Target audience identification.
 Commendation of appropriate sources for target lists.
 Assessment of sales proposition and essential sales messages.
 Review of any current telemarketing activity.
 Our recommendations on how approach and manage telemarketing campaigns.
 Innovative ideas for lead generation


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