Increase and retain your customer base and enter new markets with our cost effective Email Marketing service.

A well-timed and targeted email campaign will have a vast impact on sales for both new and returning clients. Email Marketing can also build customer loyalty and retention if people have a genuine interest in your product/ services.

Here at the Waze Group we use email marketing in multiple ways; Keeping people up to date on latest offers and developments, re-market to prospects that you have nearly won, up and cross-sell opportunities on products and services to those that have shown an interest in your proposition.

Our email campaigns are focused around our client’s needs. If you clients and prospects to know about latest offers, then we’ll design a compelling email aimed on big calls to action that will draw people in. We design our emails using HTML protocol ensuring that they work across the most common mail clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo that work and fit the screen regardless of the device.
Waze Group Email Monitoring is utilised to identify message interaction with our emails; this means we can ensure that the right message is landing to its targeted audience. We also analyse and check success rates of our campaigns to help increase conversation rates.


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