We know the formula behind creating successful paid search campaigns.

We know the formula behind creating successful paid search campaigns.

The Waze Group are paid search specialists. Our approach of understanding the PPC landscape as well as an emphasis on performance based commercial models make our campaigns self-financing, have clear ROI, are scalable and focused on achieving results for your business.

Unlike your current providers and 99.9% of the top UK agencies – we actually own, run and have sold multiple very successful online businesses so we know exactly what you need to do to win business and out-perform your competitors.

It takes creativity to create captivating ads, and a dynamic approach to ensure they appear in the right places and superior strategic knowledge to create the best landing environment.
The Waze Group have been running high level paid search since it began. Our campaigns are self-financing, have clear ROI, scalable and get results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns.

Pay Per Click campaigns provide organisations the chance to make acquisitions (sales, leads, enquiries etc), in volume, at a fixed Cost Per Acquisition also known as CPA.

A fixed CPA ensures that the campaign can finance itself. A campaign that is self-financing tends to grow quickly and effectively.
Even the UK’s top agencies struggle to accomplish fixed CPA’s with large volume of acquisitions. You need an in-depth understanding of the campaign metrics, how it all comes together and how they can be implemented effectively. The Waze Group has a transparent campaign management platform to you with this.


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