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Spectacular corporate video production which brings your business to life.

Corporate videos still get a bad rap and with the digital revolution at full speed ahead; audience expectations are at their highest.
The Waze Group is on a mission to bring corporate up to date. As the majority of customers and employees never being far from a smartphone, Laptop or a TV screen video is quickly becoming the communications medium of choice with corporate literature being overlooked and with good reason.

There are many compelling reasons why video is favoured over website copy, brochures and other literature. Nowadays people are becoming much more accustomed to absorbing information via video, and research has proven that video it’s an unrivalled medium for almost any message compared to the traditional printed literature.

Why is Video Better?
In a nutshell a professionally designed video engages more of our senses and works more effectively to draw an emotional response from its audience. The mixture of sound and imagery is more effective with regards to how quickly information can be delivered. Research proves that people retain three times as much information from a video compared to reading text. Furthermore video allows you better overall control over the context and tone of you messaging, meaning your video can be even more highly targeted and less to confusion or ambiguity.

A flexible medium for all business communication
Communication is more effective when we can see one another and its works exactly the same for corporate videos.

Corporate videos can be used for:
Capturing seminars and events
Boardroom presentations
Investor presentations
Exhibition presentations
Health, safety and training materials
In-store promotions
To name but a few…

Why Choose Waze Group
As there are so many corporate video production companies its tough finding the best one to work with – unless you’re already part of the Waze Group.

We bring years of marketing acumen to all of our creative projects and never lose focus of your online business goal and making the project a huge success.
Regardless of the type, scope and budget of a project, all projects are treated with the same care and enthusiasm. We are extremely proud of the results we have achieved from ambitious start-ups to multi-national corporations.

We’re based in Leeds, West Yorkshire work for companies and organisations like you all over the UK.
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