Motion Graphics.

Expert Motion Graphics

Outstanding motion graphics sequences for film, TV, online and business.

The digital revolution has made the tools of our trade affordable to all businesses.

With a wealth of cinematic and business experience behind us we can deliver motion graphics sequences of exceptional quality.
Whether you have a set idea of how your CGI sequence should look, or whether you require our full artistic input; we syndicate the best of technical and creative know-how to achieve mind blowing results.

What makes the Waze Group different?
Working with the Waze Group on motion graphics and CGI:

Jargon-free communication – Techie talk is apparent in the design studio but when it comes to our clients we speak plain English
Multi-discipline collaboration Marketing agency – we have extensive pool of talent from producers, animators, delivering highest quality motion graphics.

Results Workflow – Focused on achieving your goals we never get precious with our work and happily involve our clients from the get go.

Delivering quality motion graphics is very important for our Group and we treat every job with the same care and attention regardless of scope or budget.

Trusted by household names and SMEs alike

Inevitably there is a real sense of achievement at the Waze Group after winning multiple awards but we never get complacent. In our industry it’s a fact that you’re only as good as your last piece of work and this means a great deal to us.

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