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Engaging Website Videos that substantially increase sales and enquiries.

If you’ve spent much time on the internet lately you have probably noticed the growth of video.

All businesses from retailers to service providers have started to utilise the power of video to support their marketing efforts. If you’re asking yourself why? It’s simple, website videos are fantastic business tool to which explain your businesses message like no other medium can.

Below are some statistics you’ll be very with:

350,000 years’ worth of video is viewed everyday

Customers that are able to view businesses video are 87% more likely to buy

Website Visitors will spend double the amount of time of your site if you have video content.

Having video content on your site improves your chances of being listed on the first page of Google UK.

Retails reports indicate that conversion rates increase by over 35% if video content has been added.

The president of YouTube forecasts that video will account for 90% of web traffic
However, by just having any video is not good enough; finding a partner that knows exactly how to utilise this and implement a video in to your overall business plan is crucial to not just achieve a return on investment but to surpass it.

Why Choose Waze Group?
With an endless list of clients in our portfolio from absolutely every sector. We have the experience, skills and creativity to deliver your message in an informative and entertaining way.

Regardless of your budget as part of the Waze Group we will take your ideas to storyboard to a finished production.
We speak your language – We understand the importance of having excellent communication with our clients and you will not be dazzled with techie talk.

Industry leading Talent – We have the UK’s best producers, animators and designers in the industry. You have probably seen our work without knowing it as many of our team are ex-BBC and ITV employees.

One Goal – In a nutshell our creative ideas are based on your business objectives.
Working with big brands and SMEs. From working with global brands to ambitious start-ups and SMEs our work is fully measurable which continues to deliver fantastic results.

Not only will you have a professionally made video for your website which will bring consistently bring in revenue but we will help you measure and analyse its success.

You will be surprised that it is not as expensive as you think. The quality of work will be exceptional good enough to run on national Television.

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