eBay/ Amazon Integration

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ebay and amazon integration

Expand your market – Increase Sales.

eBay and Amazon are the UK’s most visited shopping sites. Over 50% of transactions start or end here, however just 40% of merchants are active. Marketplaces have been in existence for over 15 years yet they are still one of the fastest growing channels.

The likes of eBay and Amazon win attract vast audiences from regular trusted customers.

However, 65% of merchants fail to exploit this selling channel because of complex costly technical integration issues.

We have designed our platform to seamlessly integrate with the market places such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten to name but a few.

Already have a successful eBay Shop and need a website? At the Waze Group we have the ability to move your entire product range you’re your eBay shop including images and description to a new Waze Group website. This will allow you to effectively manage all market places and will allow you to win business on via our ecommerce platform avoiding the ever increasing eBay and Amazon fees.


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